PipettingTechers who choose to go directly into the job market are  courted by a wide variety of organizations, many of whom recruit on campus.

In 2011, over 150 different employers recruited on campus, including: Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical; Intel Corp.; GE; GlaxoSmithKline; Goldman Sachs; Honeywell; JPL; Microsoft; Mitsubishi Electronic; Oracle; Pixar Animation Studios; Raytheon Systems Co.; Salomon Smith Barney; Sandia National Labs; Sun Microsystems; TRW; Yahoo! Inc.

These companies hired more than one graduate from those graduating in 2012: Microsoft; Facebook; Epic Systems Corporation; and Oracle.

The complete list is available on the Career Development Center website.

The average starting salary for Caltech's Class of 2012 was $83,000.

According to an August 2008 Wall Street Journal article, Caltech graduates enjoy the highest starting salaries of any college or university in the country.



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