Advising and Counseling Services

Don't worry--you won't have to wend your way through the intricacies of academic life alone.  There are lots of people to help you on your journey. 

Freshman Advisers
: Forty faculty members advise frosh on their academic programs.  You get another adviser once you select your option (major).  Many frosh forge strong bonds with their first adviser and keep in touch with him/her throughout their undergraduate career.

Option Advisers: After you've declared your option, a faculty member from that option will help you select courses, chart your progress toward your degree and eventually counsel you about graduate school or employment. 

Dean's Office: The Dean of Students Office fosters the academic and personal growth of undergraduate students through counseling and support for student activities. It also serves as the liaison between students, faculty, and the rest of Student Affairs.

Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs): RLCs specially trained full time university employees, specializing in college student development, community building, counseling and crisis intervention. The RLCs work with the Resident Associates (RAs) on programming and overall student wellness.

Resident Associates (RAs): RAs are graduate students who live in each house. They are chosen by students and the Dean of Students Office

Upperclass Counselors (UCCs): UCCs are undergraduates chosen by each House to act as counselors.

Health Advocates (HAs): HAs are first-responders in the Houses.  They provide Caltech undergraduate students with training to become qualified "advocates" for their fellow students' emotional and physical health.