Like the life of a scientist, the life of a Techer relies heavily on teamwork. Academic work at Caltech assumes that you’ll have not only the guidance of a faculty that is second to none, but that you will also have the support of your classmates as you tackle your assignments. A Caltech education is recognized as being extraordinarily challenging. But a challenge is probably just what you're looking for! 

Collaboration is a way of life at Caltech. In fact, most of the problem sets (Techerspeak for homework) are assigned with the understanding that students will work together to solve the problems. Students stay up late working (and socializing) together to meet deadlines. At Caltech, students find themselves (many, for the first time in their lives) among their intellectual equals, tackling problems that they aren’t sure they can solve. Hours of discussion, argument, and perhaps even a late-night pizza lead to an understanding of concepts fundamental to the advancement of science, and to friendships that will last a lifetime. Collaboration is encouraged because it is essential for success as a student and as a scientist.