For Parents

Campus Life We understand how difficult the college admissions process can be, and we hope to help you in any way we can. You are welcome to contact us with any questions you may have at 626-395-6341 or, or you may contact the admission counselor responsible for your area.

Caltech also produces a newsletter for the parents of current students. Our parent newsletter provides interesting information for parents to stay informed about Caltech. You can explore the latest issue by clicking the link above or visiting

While you can find a lot of information about Caltech academics, student life, and admissions on this site, below are answers to a few questions commonly asked by parents.

Is Caltech affordable?

Our financial aid office is committed to helping your family through the financial aid process. You can call them any time and talk to someone about your family's situation. We meet 100 percent of every family's demonstrated need.

Is Caltech hard?

Physics SURF

Yes. And the students love it. They thrive on the challenges presented to them in the classrooms and labs. They are no longer bored by math and science drills, but thrilled by the prospect of participating in discovery and innovation as undergraduates. The professors have regular office hours and are happy to help students. Most students find their help from fellow students, both classmates and upperclassmen. Caltech is a collaborative, tightly knit community where students work together on their homework and in labs. In fact, many professors require students to work together! They believe that students learn the most this way, and the students agree.

Is Caltech fun?

Caltech is not all work and no play. Our students not only enjoy extracurricular activities and parties on the weekends, they also have fun while working. Group study sessions often turn into pizza breaks or games of "Capture the Flag."

Should we visit?

Coming to campus is the best way to get to know Caltech. And there is plenty to see and do in Pasadena and Los Angeles if you want to extend the campus visit into a family vacation.

Summer programs

Summer programs that many of our admitted students have attended include:

Interhouse Football