Visiting Caltech

Athenaeum Stairs

The best way to get to know Caltech is to visit. Although we do not conduct admission interviews, we welcome you to explore campus and ask questions! Focus on getting to know the campus culture and seeing whether Caltech is a good fit for you.

Aside from our information sessions and campus tours, talking to students is a great way to get a sense of the Caltech community. Caltech students are very friendly and approachable. They also are refreshingly honest. Feel free to sit down with students at Chandler Dining Hall or the Red Door Café, and ask them anything you like. Most will be happy to tell you about their classes, professors, activities, and social life. If you have a brain teaser you’ve been stumped by, try it out on one of our students. They would love the challenge!

Our professors are just as kind and accessible. Yes, they are "geniuses," and in many cases, Nobel laureates, and they enjoy talking to students and families about the Institute.

Caltech is known for its world-class research. To ensure that the research is uncompromised, we do not offer tours of or access to the labs. However, you can ask students and professors about their research. Also, displays of various projects are posted on the walls of most departments.

Perhaps the best way to get to know Caltech is to soak up the California sun and the intellectual atmosphere by wandering around campus. You’ll hear conversations on everything from the weekend’s interhouse party to the network data collected in the lab.